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Basic CCW Training Course

Basic CCW Concealed Carry

This is an entry level  CCW (Concealed Carry) class that meets the requirements to obtain your concealed handgun license in the State of Ohio and many other states. This is a one day class and includes the use of our handguns and ammunition.

Price: $100

Basic shotgun training class

Basic Shotgun

In this class you will learn and practice the skills to safely and efficiently handle a shotgun for hunting or personal defense. This is a six hour class to include classroom and range time. You will be firing approximately 100 rounds. You can bring your own shotgun or use one of ours. Ammo will be available for purchase.

Price: $100

Private firearms training class

Private Firearms Training

Our private firearms training can be tailored to fit your needs. Whether you are a new shooter, looking for a new skillset or just want to improve what you know now we will make your training special. Most of our private students said a two hour block of training was about perfect but you choose what you want.

Price: $50/hr.

Stop the Bleed training class

Stop The Bleed

This class is a very basic bleeding control class. It is designed to get as many people, as possible, taught how to control bleeding until the paramedics arrive. No special skills are needed. the class is about 1 1/2 hours long. YOU COULD BE THE ONE THAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LIFE AND DEATH FOR SOMEONE!

Price: $35

Outdoor survival skills training

Outdoor Survival Skills (1 Day)

This is an entry level class for those that are just getting into outdoor survival or those that want to hone their skills. During this class you will learn and have hands on practice Fire building, Making safe drinking water, Shelter building, How to assemble a Bug Out Bag (B.O.B.), and the Survival Mindset.

Price: $50/hr.

Basic first aid training class

Basic First Aid

In this class you will learn what to do immediately following an injury or illness whether you are helping a stranger, loved one or have to save yourself. You will learn how to recognize signs and symptoms of several different illnesses as well as techniques in bleeding control, broken bone immobilization, and treatment for shock and allergic reaction. This is a four hour class and is not a certification class.

Price: $65

Advanced first aid and trauma care training

Advanced First Aid and Trauma Care

This class is a NON SANCTIONED AND NON CERTIFICATION class and is FOR INFORMATION ONLY. You will be taught to recognize advanced medical conditions and how to treat them. You will have hands on training in Suturing, IV placement and chest decompression. THIS CLASS IS FOR INFORMATION ONLY.

Price: $75

Basic CPR Training

Basic CPR

We offer both AHA and ASHI basic CPR class that meets the requirements of many employers. You will have classroom as well as hands on training.

Price: $65

Disaster preparedness class

Disaster Preparedness ARE YOU READY !!!!

If Zombies were to attack you today would you be ready? If you were then you’d be ready for any other disaster that would come along. In just 4 short hours we can design a road map for you to weather most any storm. This includes setting up a food and water plan, shelter, security, a 72 hour kit, a seven day kit and evacuation know how.

Price: $55

Understanding and Planning for School Bomb Incidents

Understanding and Planning for School Bomb Incidents

This is a Department of Homeland Security class taught and credentialed through the New Mexico Tech. This class helps prepare emergency responders and school staff that addresses the issues involved in formulating safe and effective response plans for school bomb incidents. This class is only offered to first responders and school officials with VALID current ID. C.E. hours are available.

Price: Call For Price

Response to terrorist bombing

Incident Response to Terrorist Bombing

his is a Department of Homeland Security class taught through the credentialling of New Mexico Tech. This class prepares emergency responders to react effectively, work cooperatively, and apply countermeasures in any incident involving explosives. This class is only offered to first responders with VALID current ID. C.E. hours are available.

Price: Call For Price

Resign for a missed class

Re-Sign Up for Missed CCW Class

This is where you sign up for your second chance at taking our CCW Class. As stated in our FAQ section there will only be 75% of your fee carried over, one time, to a future class.

Price: $25

Shoot N Slip training class

Shoot -N-Sip

Come out and join us for SHOOT-N-SIP. Where you get to shoot at least EIGHT different hand guns in 4 different calibers. You will receive a firearms handling and safety class, you will shoot at both bulls eye and defensive targets and even have a little fun competition with a prize awarded to the winner. Afterwards you will enjoy hors d’oeuvres and beverages in an adult setting by a nice outdoor fire. We use a 2-1 instructor ratio so you get special attention on the shooting range by our experienced instructors. Special dates can be added for your private party or group.

Price: Currently Unavailable