Ed Orr with DragonMan at the DragonMan’s War Memorabilia Museum in Colorado Springs, Co.

On a cold and snowy day in the middle of April 2021, I had the opportunity to visit and tour The DragonMan’s War Memorabilia Museum in Colorado Springs, Co. ( www.DragonMans.com ). Mel Bernstein is the owner, known as Dragonman, and runs the business with his daughter.

On his 260-acre property, he has two paintball fields, a machine shop, an engine shop, motocross tracks, a go-kart track, several shooting ranges, and his 77,000 square-foot military warehouse. He has over 200 working full-auto machine guns in this warehouse, 3,000 working weapons from before the Civil War through today’s modern weapons, 175 working vehicles, 900 complete uniformed mannequins, 2000 helmets line the walkways. He boasts the most extensive American flag collection has one room full of weapons and memorabilia for every conflict in the United States.

There are rooms like firebases, ammo dumps, field hospitals, The Battle of the Bulge, machine gun bunkers, hundreds of bombs, land mines, and grenades. Everything in his museum is fully functional.

He also has a few rooms attached to this military museum with a vast collection of bicycles, gas pumps, pedal cars, hot rod cars, and motorcycles.

If you can’t make it to Colorado, you can take the video tours of his museums online on YouTube. Be sure to watch them all and pay close attention. You will be in awe of his collection’s complete and amazed at the sheer number of items there.

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