Not All Guns Are Created Equal

Not all guns are created equal

I often get asked, “Ed, what handgun should I buy?” I reply, “that depends on what you’re going to do with it.” Then they say, “what do you carry?” and the conversation starts. There is no easy answer. I consider many things. The number one thing is what I am going to use it for and how I will be dressed. I like to carry a bigger size gun in cooler weather as I can conceal it better due to how I’m dressed. I might be sporting a Glock 23, a Colt 1911, or a Smith, and a Wesson Model 686 revolver on rare occasions. Those are all large frame guns and need a more extensive cover garment to conceal them. In warmer weather, where I might be in a t-shirt or light button-down shirt, I may carry a Smith and Wesson Shield, Sig Sauer P365, Sig Sauer P6, or a Taurus J85 revolver. If I’m dressed for church and need to carry my firearm in an ankle holster, these are also good choices.

     There is a widespread opinion that you should only carry the same gun all the time to be proficient at shooting it and build muscle memory for that gun. There is some validity to that. However, if you carry different firearms, you NEED to shoot them all often and be aware of the one you are taking at that time.

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