First Aid Training Classes

Survival Concepts offers several First Aid Classes. Our instructors are paramedics and nurses who apply the same skills you will be taught in their daily work. In our First Aid Classes, you will learn to control bleeding, the primary cause of death in many traumatic and outdoor injuries.

We will also teach you how to use commercially available devices and make improvised bleeding control devices. You will learn CPR from professionals that have performed it on actual victims.

You will get the real stories of how things went, not just being taught from someone who happened to watch a training video.

Our professionals have recognized heart attacks and strokes and have successfully treated these patients in the prehospital and hospital settings.

We will also teach you about environmentally induced injuries and how to deal with them to provide first aid solutions that elevate the possibility of positive outcomes.

Things can happen when you are out and about—no sense in letting it kill you.

Available First Aid Courses:

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Bleeding Control

CPR Training

Heart Attack & Stroke

Environmentally Induced Injuries