Heart Attack & Stroke

Our trained First Aid Instructors have many years experience as Paramedics, Registered Nurses and Combat Life Savers. We will teach you how to recognize the signs and symptoms of a sudden cardiac event as well as Stroke recognition and how to react and care for that individual.

What You Will Learn

There are more signs and symptoms of a sudden cardiac event or heart attack than just pain in your arm or chest.

Women’s heart attacks, for example, are often called the Silent Killer, as they don’t present with typical symptoms. Someone may be experiencing jaw pain or even sudden pain in their back for no reason. When it comes to having a stroke, some signs and symptoms are not very apparent. These are the ones that go unrecognized until they become more prevalent and more brain tissue is destroyed. There is a saying that “time is brain cells,” and for a good reason.

We will teach you what to look for to recognize and react to these signs and symptoms. We will go over the acronym FAST, which stands for Facial Droop, Arm Weakness, Speech Difficulty, Time To Call 911. After completion of this course, you may be better equipped to save your life, the life of your family member, or even a life of a stranger.