All of our instructors have been lifelong outdoor enthusiasts and have spent many hours and days honing their skills. They’ve been trained in the Boy Scouts, United States Military, and through many classes taught by survival experts. We will teach you the most effective way to procure and store food for the long haul. With grocery stores being on a three day restock rotation it is imperative that you prepare for any food need that may arise whether it is a shortage in the store due to bad weather or a sudden loss of income. You can keep your family from going hungry if you follow our simple instructions.

Long Term Food Storage ...

Long term food storage can be as simple as purchasing 25-Year Shelf-Stable Prepackaged Foods like Freeze-DriedDehydrated Foods, or MRE’s ( Meals Ready to Eat). The problem with this approach, however, are the prohibitively high prices. Much of long-term food storage, if not all, can be accomplished in the convenience of your own home for a fraction of a cost.


Dehydrating and sealing fresh foods, for example, can be accomplished with the use of a commercial dehydrating device, an oven, or a homemade solar device.  This processed food can be then sealed in jars, or in a commercial vacuum sealing device.

Then there is canning and pressure canning. These methods have been around for many years and can be accomplished over an open fire or on an electric stove, a gas stove, or even a wood burning stove.