Having made it this far with your disaster preparedness, it would be a shame if something happened to all your hard work or, worse, something happened to you or a loved one. 

Stay Safe And Secure ...

We will teach you simple yet effective ways to secure your area, whether at your home, your camp, or just someplace you need to stay for the night.

Having a good shelter is half the battle, but keeping others from taking it or protecting yourself from any animals that may want it is paramount. We will show you techniques that will involve situational awareness. Knowing what is going on around you will allow you to react quicker and more safely. We will teach you how to use static and dynamic security devices to help protect what you have. These will consist of commercially available devices or others that you can make on the fly with simple materials you have on hand or those you can find in the wilderness. We will teach the art of disengagement and tactical retreat. Having security options is as important as every other survival skill.