Our instructors have been lifelong outdoor and preparedness enthusiasts and have spent many years honing their skills. They have been trained in the Boy Scouts, United States Military, and through expert-level classes taught by the experts in this field. 

Would you know how to choose or erect the best shelter?

Would you know how to choose the best shelter in a hurry or for long-term use?

A shelter that is simple to make and can be prepared in a hurry might be just what you need to keep you alive or just be comfortable for the night — until you are able to make a better shelter, or until help arrives.

What You Will Learn

You will learn how to make a shelter that will protect you from rain, cold, or other inclement weather conditions. If you can keep dry and keep hypothermia away, you will be better able to make essential lifesaving decisions. We will teach you how to set up security for the location you find yourself in, whether you’re in your home, your temporary shelter, or your car. Having a good shelter is half the battle, but keeping it, or protecting yourself from any animals that may want it is paramount. You will learn what essential articles you must have in 72-hour kit, in your bug-out bag, and in your seven-day kit. Whether you just want something with you on-the-go, commute long distance, or in extreme weather conditions, having the proper training and necessary gear is essential. We will help you set up your kit and ensure that you know when and how to use this equipment when you need it.