Our instructors have been lifelong outdoor and preparedness enthusiasts and have spent many years honing their skills. They have been trained in the Boy Scouts, United States Military, and through expert-level classes taught by the experts in this field. We will teach you the difference between non-potable and potable water and where to find it. We will show you several ways to make most water safe to drink, from simple homemade water filters to boiling techniques, chemical treating up to commercial filter devices. We will also teach you acceptable practices for water storage.

What You Will Learn

You will be taught locations to find freshwater, which could be as simple as draining a hot water tank or locating a lake or a stream. We will help you choose the best filtration system or systems that will work best for you and your family. These can range in sizes from a personal filter straw to a portable filter that will fit in a backpack to a larger one capable of supplying water to a group of people. We will even show you how to make a filter from items that you can find while you are out and about. You will also learn proper ways to treat non-potable water to make it fit for drinking chemically. This treatment, for example, can be done with commercially bought water treatment solutions or chemicals that you may already have at your house.