Firearms Sales (FFL) & Transfers

Survival Concepts is an FFL Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer. This means that we can buy and sell firearms. We can order you a specific gun that you want, or if you find one online that you want, you can have it shipped to use, and you can come in and do all the background paperwork here. In most cases, the background check comes back within minutes, and you can take your new gun home with you the same day.

If you are selling a gun online and someone from out of state buys it, you can use our FFL service as the transferring FFL Dealer – it needs to be sent from a dealer to a dealer. We also offer private sales transfers. If you’re buying or selling a gun and want a legal paper trail of where it came from or where it is going, we can do the transfer for you. We will enter the firearm in our Acquisition and Disposition book and do the background check on the person buying the gun. This is the best practice for everyone’s safety and protection.