Firearms Training

Our private firearms training can be tailored to fit your needs. Whether you are a new shooter, looking for a unique skill set, or improving what you know, we will make your training engaging and valuable.

Our private firearms training students have gone through drawing from a holster and shooting, presenting firearms from concealment, simulated room clearing, maneuvering through their house, low light weapons use, a transition from long gun to handgun or handgun to a backup gun. We will teach you how to use a rifle, shotgun, carbine, pistol, and backup firearm. We’ll conduct failure drills and quick acquisition, positive target identification, and multiple targets. We can train you to sight in your guns, including scopes.

Most of our private students have said a two-hour training block was about perfect, but you can, of course, choose what you want. In today’s litigious environment, obtaining additional training is worth the investment. This training will prepare you better to avoid having to use force by teaching you avoidance and de-escalation techniques and choosing the appropriate amount of force. Upon completion of such training, you should be able to execute that force with precision to protect your life and the life of your family.