Gun & Firearm Customizing

Our Certified and Licensed gunsmith is able to customize your firearm in order to tailor it to your needs or wants. Most of our customizing is based on making your firearm work better for you but we have done some exotic work that the customer wanted.

What We Can Do

We will consult with you to determine what you are looking to change, modify, or improve on your firearm. If it’s recoil-reducing with something as simple as threading the barrel and adding a muzzle brake – we can do it. If you’re not happy with the furniture (Stock and Grips), we can help you pick out something special that says, “This is my gun.” We can even change the color entirely and do it by more than just painting it. We can do special stock work as well as metalwork. We don’t do everything, but what we do, we do expertly! We are not satisfied until you are happy.