Our Certified and Licensed gunsmith will properly mount your optic to manufacturer’s specifications. We use measuring tools so your optic is level and properly torqued there by your optic will not come loose, lose “zero”, and your screws will not be stripped. We don’t just throw it on and call it good. When we are done we will bore sight it and if you want it sighted in with “live fire” we can do that also.

Optics Mounting

We do precision and professional mounting and installation of optics and night sights !

Whether it’s long-distance shooting or if you’re looking for a reflex sight, we can help guide you through the sea of different optics options out there. We can also set up your reflex sights, so they will allow you to co-witness your backup or iron sights through them. We highly recommend getting the best optic and mounts that you can afford but will not try to push you over your budget.